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Annie the PFD Dog
Annie's Water Safety Tips

Annie's weekly tips for Water Safety


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Annie will give a new water safety tip every week, so check by often to look for them.


- Beware of hypothermia when in or near the water during cold weather. Hypothermia is caused by exposure to wind, cold, and/or wetness. Signs of hypothermia may include: blue-gray skin tone, violent shivering, muscle spasms, loss of use of arms and legs, confusion, and drunken behavior.


- do not swim or boat during storms. Visibility is poor, and strong winds and lightning are dangerous.


- Do not use alcohol and drugs whenon/near the water. They impair judgement and may cause you to make bad decisions.


- Before swimming or boating, make sure that all equipment is in good condition. Check for tears and breaks, and also for sun damage, as it weakens plastic and fabric.


- Always wear a PFD (life jacket). Even if you are a good swimmer accidents can still happen, and it's better to be safe than sorry!

Annie Always Wears Her PFD. Do You?